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Before sketching the business strategies, the function you have, in short the tracing social status, home remains the place where you want to recharge your batteries and cultivate your balance interior. Enjoy the present and plan for the future with just as much enthusiasm. At the end of the day, We all want the same thing, don't you think? What sets us apart is that fine lines exist aspirations, personal vision of how the lifestyle should be built, but also where or how you would like to end a successful day. A new project bearing the distinctive Atlas Residence signature, strategically positioned in The north of Bucharest addresses the active family life but not only and it has all the chances become a desideratum in your future plan. The building is made up of a network of homes that will comprises a total of 105 apartments with 2, 3 and 4 rooms, with an ambitious level of height 2S P 7E 8E back. The structure of the block will consist of reinforced concrete walls with "thick slab" type floors. exterior closures and interior walls of ceramic brick of 12, 25 and 30 cm, plaster mechanized based on plaster and finish with washable white paint. The joinery will be made of aluminum in the anthracite gray SCHUCO range, with triple glazing thermal insulation. Plasterboard cladding will be used only for closing technical gaps and ceilings and se will use types of plasterboard with moisture resistance. Exterior thermal insulation will be partially achieved through the system of ventilated facades, with cotton wool 10 cm mineral and EQUITONE TECTIVA range of fiber cement boards and partially polystyrene expanded with a thickness of 10 cm with decorative plaster. The apartments will be provided from the project with individual thermal power plants VIESSMANN. Fully underfloor heating is provided with a heat distributor and thermostats environment for each room. It will be made available by the manufacturer REHAU reputation. Modular system for BTICINO electrical bodies. Ceramic sanitary ware, bathtubs and fittings will be provided by the manufacturer IDEAL STANDARD. The shower areas will be equipped with gutters buried in the floor and glass shower screens secure, and the toilet tanks will be recessed. Gutters and flush toilet tanks chrome plated are supplied by TECE. Ceramic plywood is imported from Italy and Spain produced by renowned factories such as Ariostea, Figures, mass porcelain and ground, with large dimensions such as 60X60, 60X120, 20x120, 30x150 cm. The interior doors will be provided with hidden hinges, magnetic lock, adjustable frames and the lining on both sides of the laminated wood wall, produced in Italy, brand BERTOLOTTO PORTE Italy. The entrance doors to the apartment will be class 4 anti-burglary, covered with 6 mm MDF on both sides, adjustable steel hinges, mineral wool interior insulation that offers a sound insulation of 42 dB, with patented anti-burglary metal frame produced by GOLDEN DOORS Greece. The parquet is made of laminated wood, compatible with KARELIA 14 mm underfloor heating. SCHINDLER brand elevators that offer superior comfort and quiet operation. Schindler elevators are safe and environmentally friendly. They do not contain organic materials or products dangerous. In addition, it uses energy efficient technology, both during use and while waiting. LED lighting for balconies, terraces and common areas - stairwell and hallways. The exterior railings are made of transparent safety glass with the current hand made of anodized aluminum.

  • Building type Apartments block
  • Construction status Completed
  • Structure Bricks
  • Completion date 2020


Spatiu comercial Aviatiei pentru clinica sau birouri for rent

19.005 EUR

rooms, baths, 905 sqm Aviatiei, Bucuresti

Apartament 3 camere | Aviatiei | Panoramic View for sale

284.999 EUR

3 rooms, 2 baths, 90 sqm Aviatiei, Bucuresti

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