About us

ANG Luxury Properties is a real estate company that serves buyers and sellers of luxury properties in the Northern part of Bucharest.

The agency consists of a group of talented real estate agents, led by Nicoleta and Alexandru Manea, with a high-performance of over 90 million euros in total sales and 500 million euros in active listings, the company concludes over a hundred offers annually. It also brokered many of the city''s largest residential sales, including numerous record transactions.

Located in the prestigious ONE Herăstrău Plaza project, with unmatched experience and market knowledge, ANG Luxury Properties is a representative agency in the northern part of Bucharest.

We are market leaders in trends, design, marketing and sales.

ANG Luxury Properties handles all stages of real estate development and operations for maximum yields and national coverage.

Through research and analysis, we identify the way our collaboration will achieve your goals. We represent and collaborate with top developers, but also with the most coveted properties in the North of Bucharest. Through experience, vision and our marketing process, we manage to go through all stages, from concept to final sale.



With great ambition and perseverance, Alexandru and Nicoleta Manea managed to start the foundation of the real estate agency ANG Holding, a project dear to them, in which, for 13 years, they trained many successful sales agents.

Due to the outstanding results, the founding couple decided to open a new agency called  ANG Luxury Properties, which comes with a new concept on the real estate market, at the highest level of professionalism. As they focus on luxury properties only, they are also offering free consultancy at their office.



We are the first luxury real estate company in the Northern part of Bucharest, with an office area dedicated to out clients in which our agents can present all the projects and properties available in our portfolio.


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